Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blobs of light - as usual

Dear sisters
Yes, it has been too long. I am translating and singing and painting, doing all the right things, I believe, and walking in my dinky new space cadet MBT shoes which make me walk like a true homo erectus, with a straight back and a bounce in my step. It doesn't matter that they look like moonboots in shoeform.

an image unrelated to this post but as we are visual people I thought you might like some visual distraction. It is a raspberry that I ate this summer, it was very sweet. I photographed it for its remarkable colour. My painting tutor in Bath told me the secret of how to mix it on my 21st birthday so now I always remember it as my birthday colour.

I have been climbing in trees and looking into pools. I didn't fall in like Narcissus did - and besides, what I saw there through my reflection was far more interesting than the flat rippling shadowy blob that was supposed to be a picture of my face: all kinds of plants and then little red hairy things and other creatures floating in the water like there is a whole three-dimensional universe down there that we haven't yet explored. It was sunny and comfortable on the grass, so much so that I almost fell asleep.

The birds sang all around, sounding from different heights like a gracious soundscape and then I lay on my back on a bench with sharp yellow light reflecting in yellow hesitant patches off the pool onto the bark of the trees making them seem to wobble and there was the sky shining through the leaves above. Pretty. Possibly one of the most beautiful things in the whole world and it is just ten minutes away from my palace.

I shall write more and more structuredly when my projects are properly taking form, much to get initiated right now, you shall hear from me in a few weeks.
big kisses!!!!!

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