Friday, October 10, 2008


Dear sisters,

I'm sorry girls. I was forced to suspend my blogging activities to watch the financial meltdown. Besides, Barack has been sending me e-mails everyday asking for my support and in between I have been filling out my points in the Weight Watchers daily point tracker.

With only 25 days to the US election things are heating up and getting nasty. And as a legal, but non permanent resident, I can do nothing but watch and keep my fingers crossed. And that I do. After more or less 30 months in this country, I thought I was slowly starting to get my head around it. Until McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate and half the country cheered.

In theory, great that a woman is ' a heartbeat' away from the highest elected office in the world, I just would have hoped it would not be someone who may believe that the planet is four thousand years old and global warming is mostly a natural cyclical thing. Or someone who winks at me. Or even someone who could answer questions by a reporter in a coherent manner, would be a nice thought, at least showing she has thought about the arguments.

This is the Saturday night live version for you across the ocean, who may not have seen it.

When I am not watching politics, my weight, or staring at an empty page, I am photographing windscreens for my latest series called "windscreens':

or listening to Elvis:

What is your excuse? Moths in the cupboard?

With love,



Anonymous said...

great pictures as ever s1, like the windscreens, so SF is grimy these days? you know, it's funny. I'd only seen the Palin interview excerpt that you've posted, then watched the saturday night live sketch, thinking all the rest apart from that bit, was invented, but alas, looking further on youtube the woman does actually continually talk gobbledegook, reminding me very much of the junior miss nebraska...who wasn't your doctor, or whatever it was. A spectacular phenomenon. Let's hope it just stays at that, for if it doesn't it gets really scary. Is she some kind of performance artist?

Anonymous said...

Yes i agree completely ! I absolutely love your pictures, they are wicked! (thatz english slang for brilliant ) and sarah palin does talk gobbledegook ! I think she works on batteries . She once asked what is the difference between her and a pitbull:::lipstick. MMm that sounds nice, pitbulls are such friendly animals, when they are puppies that is. Lets keep our fingers crossed , and i will write soon , i actually do have moths in my cupboard.
All my love S3