Tuesday, October 28, 2008

balloon man

Every time i look at the beautiful Prague view scape i see this balloon man floating in the sky as if he is a permanent kite .
No matter where i am in Prague in the centre i can see him floating. Its quite strange. I wonder if he ever comes down to earth or if he just stays there all the time. This picture is taken from a secret garden in the old town where there are real peacocks walking around. A little girl of about three was on her tricycle and when she saw the peacock which was bigger than her, crosssing her path she started peddling very slowly and then as she said the word ' peacock ' ( 'paf' in czech ) she slowly fell over onto her side on some soft grass and her daddy was ther to put her straight on her path again. I understand that a peacock can have such an effect.
All my love and lots of peacock luck

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scatteredsisters said...

Yeah for the balloon man! Love the pictures. S1