Friday, July 4, 2008

free at last

Dearest and Lovely Sisters,

The trial has passed and so have I, and Antwerp is sticky and hot. The air is thick with the sweetest Honey-Scent-of-Lime-Trees-that-I-Learned-To-Love-So-Much-in-Bucharest many years ago. Two little guests from Czech Republic sleep in my bed and I am enjoying the couch.

Looking forward to 'regroup' as they say in the USA and getting everything into a little row again as they say in Flanders, but quite frankly, I think I'll make it a circle. For now I have many commitments, so let's make that a gradually progressing spiral. It goes deep.

Take it from me: this is going to be a beautiful summer. Looking forward to see you.
Love from S2

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