Thursday, July 24, 2008

colourful tendencies

Dearest sisters,
Here is the information for the London show I have made a piece for: The Urban Tendency. In two and a half days in a huge former concrete testing bunker I did my thing on a wall and tried out some tricks with lights and mirrors. It was fun! A lot of white spirit was used, and the lights, they were a-trembling. Lots of other artists did their thing fabulously too, as did, and does, one long-suffering curator. Definitely worth it.

S3, you can go and see it until August 9th. It is opposite Madame Tussaud's only the queues are much shorter (none! fancy that?); it's at Baker Street Tube. Tell me what you think, yes? Can you get some pictures of the top bit, on the ledge? My photos are not satisfactory. Thank you...

All my love to you both, from a sunny A.

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Anonymous said...

Here, you can check out the sunny A for yourselves:

A wonderful link I came across as I was checking for the weather on the coast.

Your humble fan