Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let us spray

Dear sistars,
hereby i send you a collage of pictures from just one bustling day in London town.
Bus, parks, oford circus,sound interactive sparkly light sculptures, wizards and tunnel art galleries ?
I wasnt expecting that last one but it was a pleasant suprise to find a huge unused tunnel filled with multi coloured happy scribbles and professional stencils. Apparently Banksy was behind it all and he is a clever lad and i like his pictures.
He is as famous as the queen here in London and as we went past one of his wall works with the night bus , nearly the whole bus started screaming "Banksy, its Banksy! Look! "
Spray art is really in at the moment , even the whole front of the Tate modern is covered with giant paintings.
In any case its a lot of fun and i enjoy the bright colours.
This tunnel was very impressive
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Love S3


michiel said...

Cool pics. Did you ever see the classic documentary 'Style Wars' on the NYC tagging and graffiti culture in the early 80s?

Anonymous said...

No havent seen that one yet but i will look into it , thanks for the tip! I realised that after i posted this post with the comment " spray paint is really in at the moment " it sounded a bit silly as wall painting has been in since prehistoric times and spray paint was invented in 1946. ( apparently ) and the colour was alluminium

Anonymous said...

I think the person in that last image is someone I actually worked with very briefly. It looks very much like her. Her sister lives in London and I know she goes over to see her often. Wouldn't that be freaky?