Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jigsaw Puzzle

Dear sistars

No news is good news, well thats my excuse.
I am doing alright.Have arrived safely on the island and am living in a little czech house in the prairy in London. Its quite strange, i thought i was escaping this difficult czech language but no! It is following me everywhere, ach jo do pytle !
London is fine as far as i can see, lots of bustle, buses, colours and Charity shops.
Have already purchased a new pair of second hand Jigsaw trousers ( its a dangerous city ) and am trotting down fashionable posh streets, handing in cv´s here and there.
Have already got three interviews in my Jigsaw pockets and it looks like i will be working in Starbukks or an Italian drinks bar with big paintings on the wall in West Hampstead.I will let you know how it all goes!
On sunday there was a big anti racism music festival in Finsbury park and we werent the only ones to turn up, another 10100 spectators popped by !
It was sunny and everyone looked very happy so it was a good event. Jimmy Cliff sang the reggae classic song " You can get it if you really want.." so that is now our new summer motto tune that we hum everywhere to motivate us for everything, it really works so i can reccomend this tune.
Yeti is no longer the hairy mountain man i once knew, instead he has transformed into Jean Paul but is still quite charming in his hairless way. I hereby send you a mosaiek of photos of my first impressions of London. All my Love and looking forward to seeing you soon!

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scatteredsisters said...

Hey a face under all that hair! Welcome Jean Paul.