Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Asperges à la Flamande in London

Dear sisters,

Hooray indeed, one year of sisterblogging, long may it continue!!!

Check out Vegas Gallery in Shoreditch for the images of the exhibition I am in, “Against Nature” based loosely on the J-K Huysmans book “A Rebours”, one of my all-time favourites.

I was late booking sleek, speedy Eurostar who usually have my favour, so it was cheaper to fly on the tiny taxi plane from Antwerp’s tiny Deurne airport: 10 minutes’ drive from my house. The flight of 45 mins is about 7 songs long on your personal listening thing. It lands conveniently at London City Airport. Excellent service, no crowds, and as soon as we had landed, my luggage came out first!! Wow. The hostess kindly kept two of my paintings in the cabin in front, together with the diamond dealer’s secret suitcases. One painting was of three fake crystal juggler’s balls seen in Prague, so my works were in good company, jostling with gems as we took to the skies.

When I arrived I made Asperges à la Flamande. Also known as white gold, it is any kitchen alchemist’s dream. Everyone kept saying the vegetable looked phallic but the thought didn’t even enter my mind! Egyptian women used them as hair ornaments, actually. There is nothing like that vegetable melting in your mouth. Although it’s early in the season and the asparagus I brought had actually come from Peru, it was such a treat (with thanks for the recipe to my source on all things culinary after our mother, my friend F.) For desert we had blue cheese on toast with Sauternes wine, which fit well with the exhibition given the fact that I had painted rotting orchids and that the grapes used for this delicious drink have noble rot. The next day I had an acupuncture session which was delightful; even if the lady said she had never encountered a lady with such tense back muscles before. I got lost in Foyles, an amazing bookstore, so my bag home, although 5 paintings lighter, was a lot heavier than when I came. It was a good opening: lots of friends and a surprise visit which made me yelp for joy! It is a beautifully installed exhibition and the subject is deeply enigmatic.

Glad to see your hair is growing back in Spring, S1, just like we said it would. And S3, we really cannot wait much longer for your news.

Love from S2.

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