Monday, April 28, 2008

It definitely did rise.

Dear sisters,
It has been a little while. Sometimes things move so fast there is nothing to say. Sometimes things move so slow there is nothing to say. Sometimes silence is a wholesome thing. And sometimes, you are just waiting for the sun to rise and emphasise that it is once again a beautiful spring day. Like one of those cherry blossoms everywhere kind of days. Like today.

Driving onto the ring I picked up a hitch hiker who hadn't written a sign; he didn't need to, I knew he wanted to go to Holland. I also needed a navigator and he had a friendly face. It turns out he lives with his wife in a self built wagon drawn by two Shire horses, they travel all over France and are living not far from our Normandy refuge in an organic orchard. How funny is that? They had even had a similarly disturbing experience at the same spot as I did by a huge white statue on a cliff... We had a lot to talk about and he even gave me a porcelain house. No room for those in house-carts! The woman in Gorinchem I delivered the works to has a parrot. I have been looking for a parrot to photograph for months, and I wanted to do it with a boy in the picture. My hitch hiker friend posed with his hands. Since he knows horses there was something going on with his hands. (I have the distinct suspicion I had a nature boy in my car...he left some good vibes behind...) The parrot's name is Tarzan. We spent some time feeding banana chips to Tarzan. As you do. My instant travel companion had picked me some flowers; when we tipped out the coffee from my flask it became the 'auto bouquet'. He fed me a sandwich and some 'pinksterbloemen' which you can eat, very spicy, fresh, tangy. And some wild garlic. I was so delighted for it was only a couple of days before that I was telling my roommate how I wished I could have a vase of flowers on my table to eat from. Ask and ye shall receive.

A wonderful singing lesson involving singing in a tube whilst placing one tube against an ear (very complex stuff this) which made me realise, after quite some time, you can sing through your face (do try this at home) although I have always 'known' this, I have never known this. I delivered another work to a place nearby, where, when I came back to ask for assistance in getting out of the carpark, I happened to catch the receptionist trying to look inside the package which she was not really supposed to do. Funny that the woman looked like the artist who made the piece. Then, a walk on the beach with an old school friend from 22 years ago, whom I recently met again, turned into a two hour trek on barefoot after we kicked off our shoes for the full San-Francisco-China-town-foot-massage-defying experience. We rounded it off with Mexican food as the sun went down on the sea and it only began to rain lightly as we made it to our respective cars...a spring rain which smells ever so sweetly.
Love from

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scatteredsisters said...

So what was the experience with a white statue on a cliff?