Thursday, April 24, 2008

Catching up

Dear sisters,

Yes, a little quiet on the front.

I have been to Texas again, hot and humid this time, for five days to give D some much needed female support. Annette came too.

Our days revolved around the visits to the hospital to see D the invincible, who is still very sick.

The rumor was buzzing around the hospital that we were escorting the patient in a wheelchair OUTSIDE the building. The normal thing would be to take him by ambulance the 800m down the road for his radiation treatment. The second day they sent a student nurse to watch this strange procession of a patient in his wheelchair, his hospital robe flapping in the hot breeze, one determined blonde lady pushing fast up the ramps, followed by a grey headed one trotting behind, carrying three handbags (that's me) and the other blond running beside the wheelchair ready to support D, if he happened to fall asleep during the trip, which he did occasionally.

In between we assisted D. the Pool Champion with much needed retail therapy. I visited a Wal Mart for the first time, we did the rounds of Target and I got acquainted with Steve & Barry's, selling Sarah Jessica Parkers line of clothing, Bitten, a dream for every budget shopper, the new me, because every single item is $ 8.95. We went twice.

D gave us a a frownie every night to retrain our wrinkles. We are not gettting younger, you know.

While we were there we saw D, the Invincible improve steadily, which made us optimistic. His smile made us jump with joy. We are hoping it had something to do with the female attention. If so, we will be flying more in.

Jippie's six birthday came and went. His best birthday, so far he says. He had a Pokemon sleepover party. Four of his friends came, ate pizza, watched Pokemone movies, made a lot of noise entertaining themselves, dropped at 11.30 p.m. and were up demanding pancakes for breakfast at 6.15 am. I have removed the last half licked lollipop stuck to the carpet in a corner somewhere. It went smoothly.

Last weekend we were in the car by 8.30 am on Saturday to go to Baker Beach for a workout. Kids played on the beach, while we did lunges in the sand. So by ten, we had exercised and walked the kids, all with a view of the GG Bridge. We were very pleased with ourselves.

Love S1

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