Sunday, January 13, 2008

This is what we had for lunch at christmas....

Dear siblings,
I must apologise for my delay of correspondence, something came over me :I wasnt able to sit down quietly at the parents' nor even in the quiet haven of Normandy to write a post. I think i can blame it on my lack of concentration , or maybe on all the christmas films they were showing on the box, but i think i just needed to digest all those brussels sprouts, big chicken, sausages, roast potatoes and whipped cream dessserts AND Kipley's christmas puddings.
Now we all know that nobody cares what we had for lunch,but it was a delicious feast that was made by our mother, so i think it is worth mentioning.
The food was brilliant but our present giving moments were a bit tedious. We first tried by being civilized , sitting around the table and giving one present one by one so that we could all experience this present giving moment all together in peace and harmony. At one moment i think we ressembled a happy and loving family but then we moved into the living room and then we were given more and more presents , all at the same time. It went so fast , there was no time to notice that we were sinking in the unwrapped wrapping paper and then that was it , it was all over and no digestion rennies for all the beatiful presents.
We had somehow decided to do the " supriesjes" last , which in my opinion was the mistake of the day. We all got a bit offended by our families poem writing abilities, and yes some of them did end in tears.
But i think it was to be expected, with all that wine and antibiotics for coughs and the fact that there were no little children to pick up and cuddle. Dear sister 1 , this christmas was definately a bit strange without you and A. and J. and R., but we tackled on through and eventually we all made up and bonded by watching the new Doctor Who on television under beautifully knitted blankets.
And that was that , poefff! as you say , Alladins christmas genie back in the lantern till next year. A few days after this event we all went to Normandy to get some fresh french cow's air therapy. This consisted mainly in drinking lots of french wine and eating smelly french cheese. The food was heavenly as usual but our getting on as a functional family was a bit pongy. But i wont go into detail , letting the world know to what extent we are disfunctional, i just want to say that despite everything we do really love each other and personally i dont think we are a disfunctional family at all. It just depends on how you look at it and if you can empty a dishwasher. easy, nestce pas !
But its not all gloomy news, i have a nice story to tell from when we were driving down to Normandy from Belgium. It was really raining hardly onto the little car of our mother , that we could hardly hear each other speak. But it just so happened that i was reading an article in the newspaper out loud at the same time, it was about how to be happy in the new year in four easy steps. They were basically saying stuff that we already know but i suppose it never harms to hear good advice again and again.
Step one , allow yourself to be unhappy, angry , sad etc. if we cant accept these emotions then its a bad thing.Only psychopaths and dead people dont cry.
Step 2, give yourself time and dont take on too many jobs so that you can enjoy the time you are spending with friends and family without worrying about all the things you need to do.
Step three, excercise regularly. Yes we know that one by heart !
Step four, be grateful for what you have and say thankyou. Basically positive thinking !
After i read this article out loud we both started mentioning all the things we were grateful for in our little lives, for example mama said she was grateful for having such a handsome husband and i was grateful for having a hairy boyfriend, we were both grateful we were going to Normandy with the family and we were grateful for having nice cats and so on and so on and you will never believe but after we had mentioned all these things mama saw a rainbow coming from the exhaust pipe of the car. So you see it really does work !
Anyway, Normandy was beautiful as usual and the new year was relaxed and easy going which is what we all wanted. We all sat in the front room joined by our Aunty and Uncle from Newcastle , who were great fun to be with. They had brought this fun game called " Articulate" down which consists of describing certain words of certain categories to your group without mentioning the word itself. It was a lot of fun and the box even farted when you took the lid off! neverending fun i tell you.
Mother and aunty didnt want to let go of their knitting into the new year, so as we were sipping champagne they were knitting their blankets. Everyone was in bed by one and i was reading Peter Cook's autobiography when Yeti phoned me from the mountains round about three. He was in a little hut with lots of friends, singing and dancing merrily and after wishing me a happy new year he asked me what i was doing, i said" Im in my pyjamas reading a book" I think he then fell off the terras in amazement of my action packed evening. To be honest i think he was jaelous, i mean who wants to be with lots of good friends in a romantic hut in the mountains when you could be reading a book.
I love books by the way, I have just joined a really good book club thats called bookcrossing ( look it up on google) and it basically consists of recycling books all over the planet. All you have to pay is the postage of sending your book to someone and although i havent sent a book yet, i think its a really good sight, take a look at it!
Well, to continue my storytelling line , the next day we went to the seaside which was very refreshing , especially in Bar Sarajevo where it was the official last day of smoking in french bars so everyone was puffing away except us , the tourists ofcourse.
After all that clean country air we decided we needed some city life pumped into our blood so the next day we got up very early and drove off to Rouen train station without running over a little deer , hopped on a train and within an hour we were in Paris , the big P .
We got to see three art exhibitions which were amazing but i will keep it short and now give you some visual evidence instead of all this blabla of mine .
The silver jacket is in Paris ( where else)
Wishing you all a lovely new year and hope to see you all soon ! All my love S3

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