Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Normal life dooms over the horizon (with symbolic pictures of hair)

Dear sisters,

The chemo is over. Yeah!

I didn't feel yeah, but by just leaving my post in draft for long enough, things slowly sort themselves out.

I had managed to catch a popular cold, which slowed the recovery. I didn't feel up to much at all, especially posting. Fed up, fed up. But now two weeks after the last treatment, my body is starting to realize the poison is finished, so the expected elation is finally coming. I practically feel normal, except for the hot flashes and the afternoon dips. It would feel like a holiday, were it not for the rain.

Rain,rain, rain. Thick drops of never ending rain.

Except today. The sun came out and it felt GOOD!

The parents were here, of course. Mother took every opportunity to teach me new recipes. It is her opinion (and that of her book club) that our generation should be eating more peasant food. We would be sitting in a cafe and the rudiments of a basic roux sauce would be whispered in my ear. We would be in the car on the way to the supermarket and the makings of a nutritious lentil soup would be explained. "..So you fry the onions in the bacon fat..", as I pulled up to the traffic lights. After a few days, she noticed the glazing over of my eyes each time 'nutritious' was mentioned, so she bought a little box with cards and wrote the recipes down for me instead. I am very happy with my box. Really, mam!

On sunny days, we went out for walks, each armed with a camera and sometimes fighting over the same shot. The other days were just rainy and cold. Knitting was a theme this visit, again. The various hand knitted blankets came in useful in our badly insulated house. We compared symptoms, because many had caught the same cold.

Father has been converted to Apple. I have drunk red wine. All this is GOOD, I tell you.

This weekend we had some more old friends over, on their way to emigrating to Australia. Sometimes you have to move far away to get people to visit you.

Twee weeks off, before radiation starts. It feels like a luxury.

Love S1


Anonymous said...

knitting and drinking wine - i think your mother and our mother are one in the same person. tallulah is currently lying on the kitchen sofa hungover (it was my 28th birthday celebrations last night so we are all feeling a bit special!!!), covered in a knitted shawl and surrounded by knitted cussions - i'm sure you can picture the scene....

we are glad to hear you are feeling good again and we all send our love.

hopefully see you soon

dorcas x x

Anonymous said...

Pictures are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

this is a lovely blog with many nice photos!