Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And a happy new year to you too!

Dear sisters,

The back to back guests/helpers are all gone, the children are back at school and although quiet is good these days, I am readjusting to this quiet and felt a little sad yesterday, sitting at the kitchen table. Although it will only be brief; the parents are on their way.

It is grey and rainy in San Francisco.

California has had the worst storms in a long time. We got the wind, the rain and a power outage of a day. I have bought a few torches now.

For these indoorsy days, I have found a new hobby. The
American primaries have temporarily become my new obsession. In the car I have switched back from vintage pop to National Public Radio and follow any new snippet of information on the bids for the nomination for presidential candidate. I run into the house and put on the radio there, which, thanks to the owners of the house, can be heard through speakers in the front room, kitchen, study or combination of the three. I cook the kid's dinner listening to NPR, feed the kids listening to NPR:" Shshsh" I say, "I can't hear." "Be quiet". After the children have eaten their dinner in silence and left the table I stay a little longer in the kitchen. I empty the dishwasher and hey, while I'm at it I might as well sweep the floor, because a new interview is coming on.

I watch CNN, read the newspaper and the internet and find the media can't keep up with my need for fresh information. It's a bit like Wimbledon and the World Cup.

It is quietened down now a bit as we wait for the next primary, but I will be in there. Don't want to miss another emotional moment by Hillary. Getting very excited about Super Duper Tuesdayon February 5th, when 24 states will be voting at the same time!

One problem is that my topographical knowledge of America has diminished since 1986, when, for a few months, I knew the states off by heart. Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina can only be vaguely placed. I play
this game to get better.

So, recovering from treatment #7. It is not so bad, considering. New on the scene are the frequent hot flashes, with accompanying urge to tear all clothes off in public, and my eye lashes are falling out after all, Just a few measly ones holding strong, which my mascara can't make anything of. I am also a bit spotty here and there, but that could be the chocolate of the past weeks. A sad sight, indeed. I can't wait for it to be over.

Love, S1

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