Monday, January 14, 2008

the scapegoat by William Burne-Jones

Seen recently in Ghent at the British Vision exhibition, which I am sad to say fell below my expectations as a whole. It was a peculiar selection of pictures which had me thinking they weren't able to secure better loans. It demonstrates yet again how curators are really capable of missing the ball completely. What worries me is the responsibility they carry, and how this or that supposed 'vision' resonates and trickles down into the general consciousness. On a positive note, I shall enjoy deepening my knowledge of the artists presented further.

And yes, families can be horrible places, but the good things always outweigh the bad, don't they? Don't they?

On a positive note, regarding Christmas, which, I will concede, was a little bizarre, the shirt S3 gave me with the flowery sleeves has me singing unusual melodies and brings out a whole new side of me, and the make-up from S1 has me discovering the new experience of swishing a make-up brush all over my face. Soft and delicate. Dr. Hauschka is great for my skin, and my new headphones are a treat. Thank you, all.

On a positive note regarding the few days in Normandy,I enjoyed very much the walk at dawn, the excellent food by our mother and auntie and also yours truly, and the crackling fires, a fabulous walk by the sea which always inspires our father(rounded off in Sarajevo with two Belgian beers, which inspires both our uncle and our father, and the bar is indeed an attraction in itself), a strip tease by Auntie A. in the street, the rainbow explosion of knitted colours and the stereoscopy of Auntie A. and our mother doing synchronised knitting into the new year, the day in Paris with one macaron glacée visual discovery after the other (more about that later perhaps), mother's stellar performance on the train home, with her and auntie A. bopping to the music on my iPod, being able to share a fantastic day in Paris in which, with S3, yes, three exhibitions were seen, despite prior disbelief, and the time with Aunt & Uncle who are always a delight to see.

PS: I'll also recommend when in Paris to sit down for a honey pancake.

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Dear S1,
Just wishing you all the best for your last treatment tomorrow. Thinking of you!!!