Wednesday, August 29, 2007

somewhere in south amerika

Now once upon a time there was a little man working away as every other day
at the bottom of a mountain digging for stones to sell for some money
it was extremely tiring work and the sun was shining especially mucho making him sweat
he was fed up of being such a small man and having this endless mountain infront of him
you could say he was completely demotivated
and he said to himself " I wish i was stronger than i am , infact i would like to be the strongest in the whole wide universe! " upon which he squinted his eyes towards the giant sun deciding and feeling claro que si it was definately this giant fire ball that lived up to those descriptions; and then all of a sudden a great sound filled his ears and he was wooshed up to the sky and metamorphosically transformed .....into the sun !
" Wow " he whelped of singing joy , " this is not bad ! I am supersonically officially the super strongest in the whole wide universe and i like it and i will shine all day long , yeah letthesunshinein letthesunshinein lalala ! " upon which a large grey cloud came drifting along and settled just infront of the sun's nose.
" Oy get away ! Im the strongest here ! "
But the cloud did not move an inch and this made the sun very angry and he huffed and puffed and shined trying to blow him away and before he knew it he was delicately and lightly moving himself ... he had infact become the cloud !
" ooooh Tis wonderful to finally be the strongest in thee world , I do enjoy it and i will cloud around where ever i please "
but within no time his world got turned upside down and he was wooshed and buffeted around in a big whirl of wind !
" wooshy galory ! what is this !? let me go ! I am the strongest here ! " he shouted as he was made to do a triple salto against his will.
The cloud was having none of this and soon enough he was doing a few backward flickflacks on his own command! Yes he had magically become the wind and there he was flying through the sky
as happy as one can be dancing infamous Travolta smooth moves
until he was rudely stopped by ....
a mountain !
" Oy ! get out of my way ! Im dancing ! "
But the mountain just stubbornely stood there and the travolta wind decided to transform into this mountain
and there he stood
as happy as a pig in a field being all mountainous and mighty until...
he felt little rocks falling away from his rocky gown down below.
He looked and there was this tiny little man digging away at his mountain dress
under the hot sun and in a magic moment he was transformed into the happiest and strongest little man in the whole wide world , content with working at his job.
And guess what ? Just at that moment he digged away some rocks that revealed a little door which opened before his eyes and there was the most beautiful living little woman who had been locked away in an other fairy tale. Not only that but the room was a 225 square metre fantastically furnished loft with a jacuzzi and sauna, filled with shiny coloured precious stones.They fell deeply inlove and lived happily ever after with lots of friends they already had.The end.

Hope you like the story and now i send you ,along with lots of love and strength , a little cartoon i really like which always puts me in a good mood.
Thinking of you all !

Big ballerinabear hugz from sista thwee ***

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