Monday, August 6, 2007

It all started in Estonia

Ello sistars! it has been three weeks since i have returned to the west and here is a brief collection of whats been going on :
The first week consisted of a lot of eastern lorry drivers playing hungarian disco music who got us here in the first place.( Must i go into detail ? )
Now we all know a young and fit girl should not hitchike in an age like this but when you are accompagnied by a hairy yetti from the east of czech as i was then i think you can.
After three days of camping in luxurious german gas stations we arrived safely in the normandy heaven,but alas it was raining. Despite this weather we had a lot of great food and fun times building walls and singing to the cows and frogs.
The second week i returned to the haven of home/family/friends in belgium to find that everyone i knew was on holiday, including the parents who had kindly left the cats behind to keep me company, so for a few days i was intensely observing the whales, otters and seals being saved off the californian coast as one does in belgium.( yes i was looking for you sistar one ) But enough was enough, the deep blue whale singing was beginning to haunt me and i decided to go to my first beach party with an old friend i had tracked down working in a downtown cafe. The entrance was free if you turned up in your swimming gear but as we arrived at midnight and had missed all the cool beach films anyway we just went to the underground bar disco and looked at all the silly people who had actually put on their swimming suits; the disco ball was twirling and shining a thousand stars on everyone but only the dj was dancing so we decided to teach these belgians a cultural lesson in creative dancing. As well as mixing the Macarena with some stylish Karel Got ( hes a czech singer/dancer/ god you have got to get to know ! )moves , the effect was astounding and the result was amazing. Within no time the whole room was filled with people dancing around the sparkling globe. Yes mama disco ( thats me by the way ) had fulfilled yet another mission on planet earth.
So it was time to go to sleep and prepare for an Alpha Blondy concert the next day near Antwerp with sistar number two and yes it was great ! Lots of positive vibes, mud and an orange singing full moon. The next day i bought a complete toy drum in a chinese shop in the sales ofcourse ( for future puppetshows )and then i went to see friends and more friends who had started to creep back to the belgian capital. I saw the Simpsons , the movie , just to keep up to date with some worldly culture and it was quite good. I bonded with the parents a few days and then on friday i decided to travel in this small country and visit some friends in the small city of Gent. It was very nice and it all started in EStonia ( ofcourse), let me explain.
My japanese and french friends whom i met in foundation course six years ago in London went to Estonia last summer for an art symposium and there they met some lovely people including a New York couple who own a sailors house in Gent looking out on the docks of the canal and there we stayed this weekend, whilst my friends prepared a little installation in their gallery:( an aqaurium with pink water, a light and bubbles, words, a turning record player and feathers ) I was there for moral support and played a few puppetshows in my breadbin for all the people at the opening , it was great fun , we ate lots of bean soup and drank lots of wine. I might be going to Winchester street theatre festival next summer as someones daughter there organizes it all. And just to add the cherry on the top it turned out that five people there knew sistar numero duE so it really is a small world ! All the top Gentse artists were there , walking round in their frilly arty knickers, getting haircuts under the street lamp and eating friet. So you can imagine it was a tough audience to please but i think i managed alright. Maybe my yellow kiwi offerings were a help, that i had bought at the seaside earlier that day ( its only 30 min. by train to the coast !) Indeed it was my first dip into the sea this year and it was quite fresh despite the 35 degrees. I paddled round in the dark green sea and then i fell asleep in the sand from one to two in the afternoon and woke up with a new body tattoo that consists of red arms and legs harmoniously melanged with white cream cheese buttocks and breasts: yes , very stylish and very stupid. Oh well , I am now recovering in the safe home of Brussels and preparing for more travels of this lovely part of the continent as next week i will be departing with a laughing friend to walk in the mountains of central France. So prepare yourselves for another thrilling episode from the memoirs of sistar three, coming your way very soon !
Keep cool ! By the way i learnt a Gentse expression and that is ¨boring¨ , you should say it after any phrase, action or answer and you will do really well. No, seriously, its true !
ciau !
numba three

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Yes, I heard abut this Yeti you had brought with you. Could we have a picture please? i've never seen pne. S1