Saturday, August 25, 2007

Keep On Walking

Yap, dear sisters, this is a blooper, something we really don't want. I haven't slept for three days, and keep thinking about you, sister uno, and what this does to your perspectives, and our perspectives. I have been looking at survival statistics and as far as I can tell you are living in one of the best states in America for treatment and you're statistically better off than if you were in Europe. Ie, despite the crashing news, you have every chance of surviving. Thank goodness for that! You have seen no lightning, yet the news certainly came in as thunder here. My world is upside down, and I realise the part you play in it. Your situation here lends me the grace of clarity in terms of priorities and insight. The picture I see of me in this light is not very pretty, quite frankly. But this is not about me. No time for mushy peas, I am deciding for you that this is a life sentence, a license to live (even) more intensely. I have every intention of keeping you on this side of healthy and this side of life. Sorree! Hopla. For the rest words rather fail me, but we shall keep moving and maybe even get stronger.

For your inspiration, dear sisters, and friends, a film I saw in London at Tate Modern: NoMad

It's by Eva Koch and it is a video of a walkway in the sea by Mumbai where I plan to go....people walk along it to go and pray. You don't see the beginning, you don't see the end, just the people, the walkway and the lapping waves. Enjoy it.

Sending you love and health in quadruple quantities.
sister two

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Luchie said...

Sorree! Hopla. I agree. A.