Sunday, August 26, 2007

Moving house and waiting are my least favourite things

And I am very much waiting at the moment. All plans have been put on hold waiting for THE TREATMENT to start. Not knowing when, is tiring.

Otherwise, everything is frighteningly normal. I do food shopping, I take the kids to the doctor for a check up. I expect people to stare at me, but they don't. Car drivers even shout at me when I jay walk with my phone to my ear. I resist the urge to shout; "Hey, I have breast cancer, you know."

I have looked up all the celebrities who have had bc on internet.

Just out of interest, I had a peek at a site that sells wigs. There go my fantasies. The wigs they have would make anyone look like Lady Di. Before she met Gianni Versace. As you may recall, that look didn't suit me in 1985, and it wouldn't suit me now. I should ask Britney where she got hers.

My husband bought me an iphone. I am not much of a gadget girl, but this is very, very cool. I can now read your postings in the Starbucks. I will be sending my new number shortly.

Thank you sisters, and everyone else for that matter, for all the support. It does good. But don't worry too much. A lot of life left in me yet.

Love S1

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