Thursday, May 21, 2009

returning to ya

Dear Sisters,
Where have I been? You might wonder. I am only just starting to take stock of all the lovely experiences that have bestowed themselves upon me. A gift unexpectedly came to me on March 23rd, which took me to Holland, The Hague to be precise, where the clean air, kind people, good working circumstances all kickstarted me into Bright Spring and out of the Dark of Winter. I saw the leaves come out on a tree outside the studio window, the place that was lent to me for three weeks, with a few days' extension on the end. A singing lesson conveniently came halfway my stay, of which you see the image. The luxury of meeting and being with new working friends, with whom to share a language, also does a world of good, as I am sure you know. (thank you by the way for Elizabeth Gilbert's speech two posts back, it has that kind of effect). There is also a tale of singing on a roof overlooking the golden Place Stanislas in this space! I just need to place a few words already to unlock my tongue. I miss you and look forward to seeing you.

Many more things to say. We will keep it at this image, for now. A special homecoming it was for me too, because I returned to our place of birth as well!
Bug higs! All is well from the new perspective.


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog a while ago, was struck by the creative and honest vibe, and have been randomly tuning in ever since.

So just a shout out to say keep up the good work -- and btw it's nice to see a face one here!


Anonymous said...

thank you Gillian! Will do!

Eneida Sanches said...

my dear borrowed sister, (hope sisters 1 nad 3 don´t get upset for the approach)
it is lovely to read you again and i sure miss our time together.

Anonymous said...

I miss you too my dear! Glad you got home safely, and what a wonderful 6 weeks we had together (that's what it feels like)