Sunday, May 3, 2009

On having a genius

a nice idea about creativity and inspiration.



Anonymous said...

YES i like this that idea that creativity is a bunch of good fairies living in my wall, i think i can get get used to that :) she almost made me cry with joy at the end when i watched that film ! im not ashamed to admit, but now i have to go and feed my fairies some biscuits and milk in the hope that they will help me write a blog soon ! At the moment they are helping me with an essay for school! Long live the good fairies ! Lots of love S3

© nathalie hunter said...

true we have to let go the anguish,
accept and do what we can.
a lot of effort, being very brave, but no expectations as this is not our part of the job.
and our part is just big enough :)

big hug from the painting studio