Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lake Tahoe and Burger King

Dear sisters,

Last Tuesday, I drove up to Lake Tahoe with the kids. Our friend Laura had invited us to come and stay with her and her two kids for the Fourth of July week. The men joined us for the weekend.
For those of you who know not of Lake Tahoe, it is a beautiful lake in the mountains, on the border of California and Nevada, to the NORTH EAST of San Francisco; a popular weekend destination for the people of San Francisco in winter and summer. I am making a point of the location, so when I say I was, at one point, following the signs to Los Angeles, you will know that was not good.

It took me more than seven hours to get there, instead of the three hours everyone tells you about. That is with stopping at a desolate Burger King somewhere in the middle of Califiornia, where it was hot. Jip was delighted (read: Transformer toy with kids's meal and play structure). I was pleased to find a map on the wall. I am not relying solely on a navigator again. There are, I know now, two Squaw Valleys in California, of which one, my exit, is not really a place but a resort.

Anyway we had a lovely week swimming in ponds surrounded by huge Redwood trees, just like I imagined an American childhood summer should be. The relay tantrum-throwing by our children did not throw us and the fact Laura and I could not keep our eyes open after ten 'o clock at night was due to the fresh air of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The drive home went smoothly, We played the Pokemon game which entailed guessing a Pokemon character on the basis of some well directed clues. As Allard and I are not familiar with the wretched Pokemon characters, Jip would first introduce us to one and then make him guess. Jip won - this time.
Unfortunately I have had to disown my son for declaring the Burger KIng to be his favorite place on earth. We made a bad exiting move (only Burger King, no Starbucks), so Jip got his second Transformer toy in a week.

I understand sister 2 has been to see sister 3 in Prague. I am waiting for the news.

With love,

sister 1 x

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