Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The first time in Prague

It would be so nice if I could keep this visit to Prague in a little bottle, keep it there, and take it out to look at whenever I am feeling blue. But I do not have a bottle that is large enough to contain the experience, nor do I have words that willingly catch it either. Let us say that the people in the czech republic, and in particular, those that my sister is in touch with, are wonderful!

It all began with a memorable puppet show on a boat (with a compulsory beer, you understand), in which puppeteers effortlessly slip from one frame to the next, as they become their puppets, even, and the city scape of Prague gently passes us by just above eye-level,and a very long lock, and the mosquitoes dance in the air before our eyes, placing another layer of vision on the whole, and marvelously manage to entertain us, be we Czech or otherwise, it was an old czech story about workmen building a chimney and falling asleep and then the chimney wobbles, you see; but in the meantime there is a harpsichord lesson by the master of the house to the three little monkey children who are always getting up to misschief and losing their heads when they are naughty; I was sitting too far away to get any decent photos.

Somewhat bewildered (me) my sister took me by the hand and showed me her city. Next day began well, with a feast of feasts, or should I call it The Breakfast of All Breakfasts, with friends downstairs, and our amazing host who has a light blue bedroom (I'd like one of those...) and a kitten or two, who kept handing us more plates of delicious food. "First salty breakfast, then sweet breakfast", rang the order. Both sisters were wise to pace themselves through this terrible ordeal. Ah la la. My mouth is watering at the memory of it all. The food just kept appearing. And then the hot chocolate appeared, steaming out of a huge pan! Since there is no better way to travel than by meeting people, I felt particularly lucky, that is on top of the luck to be in good company over such a memorable breakfast!

There was a puppet performance in a breadbin (try doing that at home!) somewhere on the outskirts of Prague, a great diversionary tactic by my sister designed to get me even more dépaysée. There was a walk through a magical park, during which I managed to leave behind a whole load of stuff that was trailing behind me like a shadow (kind of like in that great animation film
Spirited Away I recently bought for and enjoyed with my nephew) and with the humidity, oxygen and the palpable breathing atmosphere it just...melted off me. Most convenient for regaining one's peace of mind. (I believe it's called holidays)

A walk up a hill tasting cherries, a palace of mirrors, a hug beside a planetarium smelling the lavender, dancing at a wedding in the countryside, watching my sister perform (and perform, and perform), a multitude of interesting dinners, an exquisite day in the countryside, meeting a whole lot of puppeteers (as one does when in Prague)-and let it be said, they are a jolly fine bunch- a multinational evening singing songs in the rain under a parasol at the literary café, an awful lot of fried cheese, a first experience of chewing tobacco at the Castle (my absence of roaring enthusiasm for it confirms I am a girl, according to D. although I'd say it was more maladroitness at not knowing what to do with a whole lot of brown spit in your mouth when climbing a hill and trying to talk at the same time. I in fact thought it what does that make me?) and then there was the romance at first sight, the CHARANGO ("everybody go OOOOH!!!" if I may quote Gilly)

Yes, this little instrument has enchanted my heart. One little pluck on its strings made my heart sing. More about this later when I get my baby safely home. For those of you who can't wait, here is a video of someone who can already play it: Luzmila Caprio

I shall leave it here. Let all the magic be inherently contained in the encounters that were made. There is so much more I could tell.

Let it be said, Prague is wonderful and thank you sister three and friends for making me feel so thoroughly welcome!
sister the 2nd

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A few very beautiful pictures there, sister 2!
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