Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And then there is the issue of the gummi bear..

You can imagine my perplexity at this little phenomenon in sister 3's kitchen. I puzzled over it for quite a while, then gave up. Could not decide what the marvelous thing could be. Sister 3 informed me that it was in fact a Gummi Bear!!! Someone had told her that if you put a gummi bear in water, it blows up and becomes really big! It had been there for some weeks. Now, people usually say to me that they have taken the word gullible out of the dictionary. But has anyone ever thought of telling sister three that this amounts to cruelty? Luckily it was soon disposed of and the poor creature (it must be said, not much larger than any other, healthy gummi bear) has been taken out of its misery.

Just had to fill you in on that; dear eldest. Other than that there were no peculiar sights in sister's surroundings. At least... nothing that we're not used to!

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Anonymous said...

ok its my fault to persuade Jessi to pour this gummi bears to water to grow bigger, but let be my excuse that I have never try it, {because its too silly of course:}}}i just heard that they could grow but it must be another kind of bears. or im naive too. I send my best regards from Montenegro to sister 2 and sister 3. Dalibor the accordeonist