Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sheperds Pie

Wow !
Well here i am, last but not least, blotchy faced sister ! It took me some time to figure it out as i am bit disorientated from being back on a visit at the parents in belgium for a week now.

Instead of an expensive , uncomfortable , smelly twelve hour busride i opted for carsharing where you pay part of the petrol and usually have more legroom. I thought this was quite brave of myself seeming as the last time i did this i almost missed christmas due to the drivers being stopped at the german borders in possesion of 2blobs of hash and having to keep awake the driver who had swallowed 1 handful of grass ( i mean ganja , not the stuff cows eat )
Well this time round i arrived safely, just, in Brussels after a ten hour drive in a black BMW with a dribbling bulldog.
As i was only aware of these two bits of information before i left i was prepared for a mafia ride and put my anorak on tight to protect me from the possible dangers of dog drool.
Well the car was cool and comfy, lots of legroom. The driver turned out to be the son of the lover of the pubowner from a village in the czech mountains , whom we both knew; as i had lived there for two months doing ceramics and teaching english. So that was a funny coincidence. And an interesting bit of gossip if you dont have a tv like me. (actually i do have a small yellow russian black and white tv i bought in a secondhand shop, which i very rarely watch, just for special occasions when im thirsty to learn some tv czech language and on one arty channel they show lots of arty foreign french films )
I thought all was going good departing Prague , the sun was shining bright late afternoon and i was getting all dreamy and in the mood for travelling looking from the window at the river and people and trams moving synchronisingly to the radio music.
When the conversation went a bit dry on the motorway, after telling each other where we came from and where we were going, the driver decided he wanted to share his favourite cd with us on full blast ; its called Gypsy and hes a young Praguan gypsy rapping hiphop romantically blending all the synonyms of the words shit and fuck together one cd long. Believe me there are many variants but i was quite chuffed that i understood it all except i wish i couldnt. And full blast really means full volume, i could hear the windows thumping. But the worst was still to come. We were all getting on fine, but then the Bulldog with a half black face, piggy nose and white rabbit tail made his presence known .
He farted , the owner smiled made her apologies and opened the window. JezusmariaJoseppo what a stink ! apparently he had eaten something special the night before. And this continued about every fifteen minutes, the window was opened each time but there was always this sour after smell that came to the back where i was sitting. This dog could really be used as a nuclear weopon. When the driver went for a midnight snooze on a german tankstation , not only did he leave his music on full blast , he also fell asleep ditto dogowner and ofcourse doggy farted and i was intoxicated , i had to get out of the car and go for a leisurly walk around the gas station; interesting i know.
But i survived and was safely dropped off on the ring of brussels at four in the morning. And here i am now.
Its lovely to be back and speak the same language as the poeople around me. Have been to see my best friends new twins, she is like mama Afrika with over fertile boobs squirting milk all over the ceiling. But smiling and radiant.
Have been to France with our mother and discovered the pleusures (woops scusi por my bad lithuanian spelling ) of gardening.
Its really therapeutic working with earth and planting new life; I reccomend it.
I dont really have big life issues to write about yet except take it easy, dogsmells and gardens. Oh lastnight i did my first oriental dance class and it was amazing! Its called wild and free forever ! its great! I reccomend it also for anyone who want to appreciate their feminine round shapes.Apparently it attract the opposite sex and on my way home i thought the hairy bus driver was going to propose to me, but i had to decline due to my busy lifestyle.
On saturday i will be travelling back to Prague from Antwerp with another mystery driver yet to be revealed so i am sure i will have another story to tell ! I bet you cant wait; ok thats all for now , write to you soon ! Peace.
hugs from ,i already mentioned, the blotchy faced one.

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