Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And now for a little fashion show....

Dear sistars,

The other day , probably when S1 was at her Kim Wilde concert , I was at Prague's Design Week Fashion Show closing ceremony. Where were you S2 ?
It all started with little men in white doing some fancy screen sword fighting, which i enjoyed.
This is them warming up as the crowds came rolling in with their gowns and chique armour, sipping glasses of champagne :

These are the little white men in action :

Then it moved on to the winning designers clothes trotting down the cat walk. I liked the gradation from dark to light.


And now , wait for it ! The suprise element ....

Wait for it .....


Ok , that's enough of silliness, now onto the real stuff :

Here in the next image  you can witness original czech vintage cotton padded coats , in czech they are called watta ,
which means cotton padded, padded nicely with a crunchy sound effect of waxed water proof style !
 And warm ! How warm !

Keep warm and stylish dear sisters ! 
Keep it real ! 
Peace and Love , S3 

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