Monday, October 5, 2009

a night out in the forest

After my voice came back and that i found my health hiding in my closet inside my zebra dress and sparkly blue top, i decided it was time to go dancing.

The hairy growth on the right side of my face is not a pet rat but in fact a stick on side moustache , the latest rage in Prague. Has this fashion hit San Francisco or Antwerp yet ?

My friend Fillippe Petit , a tight rope walker by profession, joined me in these happy events. ( I highly reccomend you watch his latest film " Man on Wire " it is amazing ! here is the trailer to the film where they almost give away the whole story , but really go and watch it if you can ! )
So here i am , before i do some amazing dancing, blending in with the crowd of about ten people. I think it's in yorkshire language that one would say it was bustling.

No , i did not return to my village disco bar, i was right in the centre of Prague in a glittering cave where some band called Team Beat were making a video clip for their new song (sorry, no youtube video to show as of yet, that's how underground they really are ! but i have a signed orange hat with german text on it ! das ist koel jaa)

Now let me introduce you to Filippe, great guy, really, just wish he didnt tight rope walk so much on such high buildings, but he loves his job which is always a good thing i suppose.

Ach , wonderful guy , Fillippe , what can i say ?

Fillippe jumped straight away into some groovy dancing, as you can see here.

I think Fillippe enjoyed himself as well, he even got out his purple shiny turban which he wears only when crossing between buildings higher than 33O metres, dont ask me why, it's a long story, but between us, i think he's a bit of a show off.
But i think we can allow him this little frivolous indulgence.

It was hard to tear ourselves away from fame, being the only ones dancing in the cave, but we followed the sparkly disco balls calling us in the distance, and joined another nice party.

Ofcourse Fillippe and I were the stars of the evening and the dance floor but we are not selfish dancers and we give other brave people the chance to train a bit and reach our mastered level.

The sun is shining bright in Prague. greetings to you all !
Thanks S1 for the zebra dress, it is a success !
groovy gravy

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scatteredsisters said...

Sounds like a good dancing night, in keeping with family traditions! I have actually already seen the film, Man on a wire and it was really good. Tell Filippe that!

More from California soon. S1x