Friday, October 16, 2009

mr.petit is not who i thunk he was

Dearest siblingz,

I have some suprising news.
You remember my great tight rope walking friend mr.petit ?
Well , it turns out he is not at all a professional tight rope walker.

A lot to take in at once, i know.
I had my suspicions when his thick black stick on moustache fell off.
When his strong french accent would sometimes sound like a deep down southern accent from texas. ( turns out he has family there )
But he just convinced me that that was part of a new act he was working on , to tight rope walk from america to france. Did they take the word gullable out of the dictionary ? I dont think im gullable , im just a positive thinker !
But then when i noticed him falling off little walls , not being able to walk in a straight line for more than half a meter i had to confront Fillippe and ask him straight out if he really was a tight rope walker.
Which, as you can imagine , is a difficult situation. I did not want to doubt my friend's great talent and i was afraid i would insult him forever.
He was very silent at first , but i could see in his eyes that there was a deeper , more silent secret hiding inside him.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it turns out mr.petit's real name is Tomey Rindboots and he is a bum from Chicago who has got himself involved in a dangerous waffle making mafia here in Prague.
Im still in shock.
The waffle business is owned by an Israeli/ Iraqi guy who had faith that the belgian waffle would be a great success here in Prague. Somehow it hasnt kicked off, but he is forcing Tomey Rindboots to make dough everyday and sell as many waffles as possible.
He is also being forced to eat all the waffles that he doesn't sell.
This is simply outrageous.
But that's not all, im afraid. His waffle boss has now invested a big sum of money in 300 pairs of earwarmers.
I dont know where this will all lead to but somehow i find it more risky than tight rope walking.
I have forgiven Tomey Rindboots for his terrible secret. It's not his fault.
Just a pity that the name of your best friend is mr.Rindboots instead of mr.petit.
But it's growing on me already. As i said , i am a great believer in postive thinking.

I leave you now with a very beautiful ballet called In the upper room
to the music of Phillip Glass.
Enjoy !

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scatteredsisters said...

I thought the mustachio man looked a little young to for his age! Good luck with digesting all this new information!