Wednesday, August 12, 2009

horses with wings

Dearest siblings,
You might ask yourselves who is this writing now, you might wonder if there is a mystery member added to the sister blog but nooo! It is I ,the third missing member, lost in translation, been to many places and back ,a journey of discovery and adventure, have seen giant mechanical elephants, horses with wings and flying machines, donkeys in Normandy and a loving family , have wrestled with crocodiles and am glad to be alive to tell this tale! In fact my imagination has stretched by two oceans as i have been working with wild monkeys for the last two weeks. Some call them little anarchists, some say the future, others say the gardeners of joy and happiness ( i just invented that )
others call them small humans with very loud and noisy habits who like to ring bicycle bells near your ear and some name them children. The first week was a real shock to my system , a group of 12 wild monkeys ( children ) to deal with and keep entertained !
At first i just let them run loose under the chestnut trees hoping that would tire them out a bit and it indeed worked ( for a short time ) Then a good trick was to start making something and to be completely absorbed in it , then eventually they all came up to me and asked me what i was making with a shoebox and when i replied it was a magic supersonic boat air ship that cleans and makes chocolate cake at the same time, they all wanted to make one too ! ( kids aged 5 to 8 )
Then we made a secret book together where we could each make our drawings and plans for imaginary machines ( that kept them busy for a long time in kids time , atleast a few days, really !)
They made some beautiful monoprints and we painted a large imaginary world on a huge piece of material together, we tie dyed tshirts and made little bags
And i am proud to say that we played a wonderful game called James Bond action where i ask them to find as many toys and bits of rubbish in the playground whereby the one with the most toys and rubbish gets an extra biscuit at lunch ( it works )
they all ran as fast as they could :0)
Anyway, we had lots of fun and this week i am suprised by the wonderful inventions they have created, a machine for making pizzas, a sweeping brush that cleans but creates sweets at the same time whilst sweeping, the machine creator of all machines, the tuba telephone all of them interconnected with a red guitar.
Here is a happy japanese song to celebrate love
See you soon , looking forward !
Lalasalama ( thats swahili for dobrou noc / goodnight )

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