Wednesday, August 12, 2009

California living or how not to write in the summer

Dear sisters,

S3, while you have been entertaining children in an admirable way, I have been happy this week, to drop mine off with people like you, so I could lounge around in my yoga pants, after Rusty's - "how blessed we are" - yoga class, whilst waiting for our organic farm fresh vegetable box to be delivered to our door. I have started shifting through the piles and piles of papers on my working desk. How can I start writing if there is no space? Yes, indeed. One pile for medical bills, one pile for utilities, one pile for financial stuff more or less, one pile for things I may want to keep, and one pile for the unclassifiable. The desk is now clear, which is a great achievement. Now, what is all that lying on the floor?

This week I also spent many hours at the Department for Motor Vehicles, 3,5 hours to be precise, sitting on a chair, waiting, which means I have progressed in my Joyce Carol Oates novel. I consider this good preparation for writing.

Did I tell you I have registered for the half marathon in October? I keep forgetting myself.

A great way to distract oneself from anything is preparing for Burning Man. I have my costumes all heaped in a pile ready to go: a desert nurse, thanks to your dress S2, a disco themed outfit with a sparkly studded shoulder padded jacket, baggy pants, waistcoats, sparkly headpieces, furry bits, another funny shaped costume. Let's say I have choice. I will ask you to make the final selection when you arrive.

On a positive note, the sun has been managing to burn through the fog more often, I am generally keeping on top of the clothes washing situation, school starts in two weeks and that is when I will be seeing you both. Looking forward.


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scatteredsisters said...

that looks like a good piece of writing to me, sis!