Tuesday, March 10, 2009

from the darkness into the light..

Dear sisters,
On the subject of Stevie....as I listen to him on my headphones now, I realise in another way what a healer he is: yes, there's magic in the lyrics, the chords, everything. There's something more. Stevie Wonder, and India.Arie as well for that matter -listen to her song Video on headphones and you will understand what I mean- are very adept in their mixing of tracks: they put in these twinkly bits which alternate from left to right like glitter. This is totally in line with the EMDR technique of alternately stimulating the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which, as I explained earlier, has a stake in healing. I am sure many musicians have known this instinctively for years. The exciting bit is that it is irregular so your mind is surprised and then you end up in the here and now.

I tried to find something on youtube to illustrate the point, but instead I found something else...one should always be open to the unexpected, n'est-ce pas..

And now I would like to dedicate this to you both as well as to M. in New York, in particular at this time, and to all my girlfriends all over the world, in general. VoilĂ . Thank you for your attention.

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