Sunday, March 29, 2009

picture puzzling, potatoe pancakes, catching up, Fernando the fish and other amazing tales

Im now back in Prague after a lovely week in Belgium celebrating spring
with friends and family . I realise now that the last time i wrote was more than a month ago , shame on me , what have i been doing all this time ? I think i was in a deep winter bear sleep drawing with coloured pencils, doing watercolours and making ink splodges. But not only that, i was also jumping into magic snow in Moravia, eating sushi with friends,oh yes and a lot of dancing and twirling round in circles at a traditional ball in the east of the country, and Yeti and i even won a ceramic decoration of two swans with the tombola , lovely isnt it .
I also did a puppet show where i forgot the main actor at home , Fernando the fish , the most important actor of the whole show. Luckily my flatmate brought it to us , but unfortunately she went to prague castle instead of Vysehrad where we were. But luckily we had another puppet show up our sleaves so we showed that first and by the time we had completely stretched it out as much as possible , Fernando arrived just in time for his 15 minutes of fame. Actors, really , they get on your nerves i tell you !
So all is well that ends well and we managed to have a bit of a good time afterwards looking at the amazing views of Prague on that hill.
Oh and there was a day trip to Kolin, a pleasant town about 40 minutes away from Prague by train , there were lots and lots of pigeons on the rooftops, i think more than on square San Marco in Venice.
I think that just about covers my whole month , oh and i enjoyed watching the window cleaner make nice patterns on the glass walls whilst i was waiting to fly in my hi tech newly knitted flying suit ( joke )
and today i ate a potatoe pancake with friends at a flea market and i found ....
a diamond ring inside it !
My future fiancee the potatoe pancake maker ?
No tis but a joke as well, i actually found a big black hair. MMM, jummy , too much information ?
Well i felt the need to catch up , i hope i havent bored you all out of your chairs and that you are now lying unconcious on the floor. Wake up ! Count your blessings you didnt have that potatoe pancake !

Now here is something exciting to do on a rainy spring day ; which picture puzzles together whith which description above? Send your answers on a stamped address envelope to
Fernando the Fish
Spring road
yellow butterfly
parrots nest

wishing you all a lovely spring , hurray its finally here ! Lots of Elvis dancing and joy , your little sister S3

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scatteredsisters said...

welcome back S3! What a lovely pair of swan glasses you are wearing.