Monday, February 2, 2009

randomness is attractive!

Dear Sisters,
Happy new month! Finally coming down from the xmas and new year's visit: I think I always leave parts of me in the ethers up there when we fly, and it takes a moment to reassemble. Of the 2,5 fabulous weeks we were in SF I spent a lot of the time inhaling the particularities of being there, the architecture, the plaster moldings of the woman in the empire dress with the vase and the bird at her feet, the shadow of the window on the marble hallway at night, and the glow of the coloured balls on the Christmas tree, Rosie's Barbie slippers...

On Christmas eve as you all were sleeping I listened to the sudden downpour and watched it rush in a flood down the steeply inclined street. Once back home in A. I exhaled all these sights into my room and felt everything has to change. These are great moments! The impatience tempered, slow progress is steadily being made. Already my room is a new one, with the bed in a much more comfortable direction (thanks for the suggestion S3!) and bagsfull of stuff going out, out, out of the house.

With the new year comes a few other new things. I have a new Chinese doctor, who at our first meeting said: "I'm sorry, I only speak a little bitch of english"... so we started out laughing, and I can only say that accupuncture is great. With it comes the discovery of the delicious and affordable foods in China town (this is called travelling close to home) and also the library. A brilliant resource. Architecture and the availability of good books really does help. They even have a poetry section with bilingual editions in English! It speaks to the poetry nerd in me.

I send you all my love, and hope to see you all very soon. In the meantime, in response to some of your "i am almost 40" musings, S1, I have a little guide for all of us in terms of diagnosing our dancing styles. It is funny how they use the word "diagnose" it makes it sound like a detecting of something unhealthy!!!!(and a hint: apparently randomness is more, not less attractive, but you should check with Dr. Lovatt if you are not sure)....I like the way he starts shouting the bigger his dance movements are. Can't think who it reminds me of..

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