Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Gingerbread house

Belle van Zuylenlaan
East River Road
Wilton Avenue
Belle Van Zuylenlaan
St Georges Avenue
Rue Roberts Jones
Johan de Wittstraat
King's Road
1e Tuindwarsstraat
Panorama Terrace
Cezar Chavez street
Diamond street
Elizabeth street

At this point in my life I am averaging a new address every 2 years.

This move went relatively smoothly. Just a few well mannered discussions between my husband and I about whose SH*T was whose. We had collected some. We now have the main living quarters up and running. There is still a basement play/study area with a few piles of aforementioned SH*T, waiting to find a spot. but I think we are within days of finishing. There again, this has been said before.

This time we live in a Gingerbread house. Easy to recognize from the street. Each new house is like a new relationship. With each one you get better at spotting the annoying bits sooner. Take the black and white checked tiles in the kitchen. A nice detail, but so difficult to keep clean. Take a man that likes to dance... did you know I am married to the best dancer of the universe?

So, without further ado. In semi- random order, lots of pictures with few words.

The banquet room, one side

The banquet room, opposite side. Lesson 10: how to breakdance

Harry Potter's owl is still around.

Rosie's nook

Jip's room

Stones from Californian coast

Non-functioning fireplace - Danielle Kwaaitaal series reunited

Dutch tulips, planted by Oma, pushing through.

Hallway with dry cleaning. Note: picture by S2

House from the back

An occupant with lipstick

Living room with disco ball, note sparkles in sunshine

Kitchen with those tiles. Soon "Disco mountains" by S3 will hang here.

Jip's room, looking out on kitchen.

Here we sleep.

The view from a room

Our guest room. Please come again.

Love S1


Anonymous said...

Claire, dat huis ziet er heerlijk uit!Volgens mij ben je de Johan 1 vergeten, geniet van jullie gingerbread pand, xx Mijn

scatteredsisters said...

Mijn, je hebt gelij! Johan 1. Ik heb inmidels gecorrigeerd. Liefs, Cx

Anonymous said...

your pictures/captions are hilarious. greetings to all the inhabitants of the gingerbread house.