Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not quite forty, new years resolutions and Craig's list.

So I spent my birthday this year going to an extra long yoga lesson, a massage and a romantic night in a rustic log cabin in Inverness, CA, all with my husband. We sat side by side in our leather armchairs, feeling the heat from the crackling fire before us and reading the David Sedaris books we got for xmas. The next day we went for a two hour hike which took four and a half hours.

Now, I generally believe you are as young as you feel and age should not be a showstopper, but I do feel nearing forty there are certain activities that are now best avoided, if at all possible. So for the new year I have the following resolutions. I am not going to be lured into any exercise class that requires the slightest body/mind coordination. No more doing the grapevine for me. I will limit whimsical or ironic dressing. I will not be tempted by shiny synthetic materials. I will stop making lists of what to do when I grow up. I will floss my teeth more regularly. Oh and write that book.

To fill the void since you all left sisters, I have thrown myself into the organization of the move to our new house. To be more precise I have thrown myself into the world called Craig's list, a list of stuff sold by people around town. I have been all over town collecting that stuff, we needed some, for good prices. Rugs, lights, chairs. A desk tonight. Great deals so far, and a peek in other peoples homes. You would love it too, but it is slowly driving me crazy. I now start taking it personally if I don't get something. I will have to go cold turkey soon. A is back in Amsterdam again for the week, so I have been dragging Jip and Rosie along too. We call it going on adventure and see things like elevators that are very old with a gate that has to be closed before it will go up. Like in the movies. Tonight they were allowed to watch Cartoon Network, as I negotiated with John about his desk.

Next week we move. I will send pictures. All back to the daily routine? What about some pictures on the blog?



Anonymous said...

best of luck with the move! Pray to Saint Anne , patron saint of moving houses !
Yes back to daily routine of printing in prague, am momentarily going through exam period and am looking forward to posting some amazing photos on the blog.Coming to you soon! Love S3

Anonymous said...

yes, from me too there will be some images soon!!!
love from S2