Saturday, December 13, 2008

christmas is upon us.

Dear sisters,

I am sprawled across our king size bed with one child, still fully clothed, snoring lightly next to me. The other is convinced he is going to stay up until I go to bed. We have already watched Harry Potter 3 and the Space Chimps and he is ready for sleep but he is adamant. He shall stay up so he can tell his friends he did so. His words. It is 8.51 p.m. My husband left today for a few days back to the homeland and the routine has slackened somewhat. We ate a self made pizza in the hand and the remains of the chinese take away out of the boxes. I don't think we will bother putting on our full pyjama's tonight.

I keep checking my e-bay account which I have rediscovered after years of absence, in the search for items for the themed new years party. Party like its 1929. I have become obsessed and after a history of never winning anything it looks like I am putting that right now. Sorry, honey, I think a lot of feather hats, capes and dead animal wraps are coming our way! Authentic. But as the sisters and mother need to be dressed too, it is alright, no? I also bought a quilt for the new house. So you know.

What is this new house, you speak of?

We don't know yet, but we will be in a new house 50 days from now. We have been given a 60 day eviction notice. The owners are returning from London earlier than expected. Financial services. We are waiting to hear if we can rent one particular house. Keeping the fingers crossed.

It is 9.30 p.m and Jip is out like a light.

In the meantime Christmas is upon us. What a difference a year makes. We are nearly ready to welcome you all into our house, sisters. Just a little organizing here and there. The Christmas tree is up and because A bought it, it scrapes the ceiling. He did that for you. The weather has turned colder. Bring your layers.

(our neighbors have lit up again.)

And the next day has been and passed. We did not get the house we wanted. The owner still wants to try and sell. We went to one of the three compulsory church services of the school year, and I spent the rest of the afternoon consolidating the e-bay purchases with the host of the party and a glass of wine. It is now done. I am no longer allowed on the site. Or maybe just for the auction of the outrageous 1920's pink ostrich feathered evening cape? It ends on Tuesday.


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Anonymous said...

Hello Scatterdsisters!

I wish you happy Xmas and New Year!
Thanks again to all those who participated in my project which is coming along nicely.

Meilleurs voeux,