Sunday, May 18, 2008


Dear sisters , long time no blog from me , but here is a little account of what has been happening this last month !

Have eaten my first icecream of the year in Prague, it is getting hotter and hotter here on the continent. Its very green here as well , all the trees and flowers are blooming bright !

This is a little rat i made for a new born baby of a friend of Yeti in his mountains. As it is the chinese year of the water rat i thought it was a good animal to give. It brings good luck !

And this is my friend with her 6 month old suprise baby boy. They came to visit me at my school on my birthday. Happy happy !

Here is that good luck rat again , i got quite attached to it !

These are some beautiful little heart flowers i found by happy accident in the hilly hills of the east , whilst bonding with nature one weekend .

And this is me in my sunday best outfit posing with my San Fran glasses infront of a church near my flat . Hope you like the pictures and my hat.

All my love and best wishes for spring !
I will write soon again !
Peace and icecreams from Prague


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Anonymous said...

Dear flowerpotdancer aka S3,
Given that rats aren't moles and naturally occur in, what is it, swarms, hords, flocks, schools, or races ... :) ? you should definitely go into mass production. Also, this way luck would gain even more clout. Which would be a nice thing.
With compliments of derivative of S2
P.S. The most horrid & extreme rat story is to be found in the otherwise hilarious book "Popular Music" by Mikael Niemi.