Monday, May 19, 2008

pink spandex

San Franciscans like to dress up. The Bay to Breakers, an annual 12k run from the bay to the ocean, now in its 97th year, is just another opportunity. There are some that actually run the race but for the most part, the 60.000 contestants walk the course in all kinds of costumes, dragging floats behind them, having a party along the way.

The race was yesterday and we participated with Zecco. The costume of choice was a hot pink spandex bodysuit, because it looks good on almost everybody.

There were some brave people at the start of the race trying to warn us for the deprivation that lay ahead, but we did not listen.

The rest of the day was a tough one. This can or cannot be contributed to an eight course dinner the night before with an all Irish cast, ending with all the men jumping in the hot tub. Our children did not see the light of day on Sunday, as we dragged ourself from the sofa to the bed and back to the couch again, being punished for our sins, as we had been warned.

Love S1


Anonymous said...

Monstrous. Absolutely monstrous. Such pink should be illegal, at least in spandex-on-bottoms form.

Anonymous said...

I still have to let it all sink in before i can give any comments ...... that pink is a toughie to digest , will get back to you .
Love S3