Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So which one of you has dyed their hair orange and invested in a pink raincoat?
Antwerp really is the capital of fashion as i see
Thankyou for that nice photographic diary

indeed it has been a long time since i last participated in the flow of our blog globe
but i felt i had to do some research before contributing
so i decided to go to London to see some art and friends and city bustle
and then to Normandy as you know to see you the grand family
so i wont really go into detail except for that we had a great time with the cows, frogs and fresh country air.
now as you both said i am back in the bowels
and have discovered that here it is the season of drinking and celebrations
i would like to illustrate this with some pictures but as i havent got to this next level yet
i am afraid you will have to do with my words and your imagination.
As you both know i am not quite yet an official student but i thought i would go and investigate my school to be, at their end of year party
just to soak up the atmosphere
and it ended with dancing to what seemed to be jolly songs but infact have very serious and sometimes sad lyrics
so i was immediatly spotted as to be the foreigner when i whelped noises of joy and clapped to the rythm of the singing
nonetheless it was a good night and i danced with a russian ballerina guy
who kept shouting WOW whilst lifting his arms dramatically in the air when i told him i was english WOW !
born in Holland WOW !
and raised in Belgium WOW !
And when i told him i was an expert in bear ballet aka pinguin sailor style
he lifted me in the air with joy
much to his own risk
and threw me on the dancefloor
our feet got caught in some invisible nylon thread of the lino carpet
and we invented on the spot a new dance style of untwining the feet from the threads
it was quite good actually
for some reason my russian ballerina friend was nowhere to be seen after that
i think he had a rocket to catch
but this is not what i want to talk to you about
the real reason im writing is to tell you what happened yesteday :
At two in the afternoon i had a coffee meeting with my dear girlfriend infront of the filmschool
I arrived a few minutes late so i phoned her to ask where she was and she said : Im round the corner looking for Brad Pitt !
I hung up and sprinted to meet her , casually ofcourse
and there he was
my Brad with just a zebra crossing keeping us apart
He was wearing a very nice light grey suit with the whitest shirt ever seen in my life
we were just planning to cross the road but then were told to keep walking, that there was nothing to see there
so we dove down into the babycarriage pretending we had to look after the baby but we were infact glancing through the buggys window to our Braddy
so we decided to go and admire him from the first floor of the film school where we had the best view of the whole thing
he was shooting a commercial for some mobile phone and was getting ready to role
then the word action was shouted and then the whole circus started
a tram came from round the corner and a chariot with horses and then Jim Morrison music started playing really loudly and Braddy started strutting down the street walking past posters with just Kafka written on them
it was very absurd
My friends husband shouted from the window : We love you Brad !
I think he was more excited than us girls
and then it was over , he dissapeared into his little tent.
I must admit i had to sit down for a while as i was feeling quite dizzy
also for the fact that Brad was a bit smaller than i remembered

apparently he his here with Angelina and they want to adopt a czech child
what a life !
I was considering asking Brad helping me with my new puppetshow
as the xylophone player or maybe he could play the prince
but as he is a short arse he wouldnt reach the castelet

OK sisters i have some serious celebrity catching up to do now
got to go !
Love Ya all ! Kiss kiss
sista numero tree

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scatteredsisters said...

well, Brad does seem to follow us around. First that maybe apartment in Amsterdam, then he just HAPPENED to live around the corner in the Hollywoord Hills and now this..! you still think it's a coincidence?