Sunday, June 17, 2007

early birds and drawers

Outside through my huge rear view window I can see five baby magpies. I know they are babies because they are small, and they are just learning to fly. This I know from their giddy way of singing. I can tell they are really excited about flying for the first time.

Or is it perhaps because it is 6:09 am in the morning and I just got back from another night in the service of Artempo, where time becomes art.... More about that later. I was really chuffed that I found this cool bottom of a clothes cupboard with the dinky art deco drawers on the streets of Ghent (at five in the morning I am sure I looked suspicious loading it into my car-car) and when I got them home I realised I had taken the wrong drawers from the pile of debris.

Still I am sure I can persuade mother to make me a beautiful tabletop in mosaic for said bottom of cupboard. The drawers will also have their use. Now that I have built my bed, and it is comfortable, I feel the sky is the limit.

greetings, mrs brico. (the middle one)

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