Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Winters Tale about lipsticks

Greetings humble humans,

As I slowly shuffle into the scattered sisters blog,
 brush the cobwebs from my shoulders,
shake the white dust from my hair,
and wipe the croissant crumbs from my lap,
I skip in the air with joy and say :

Greetings !

I have awoken from a long blog sphere sleep
but lets not dwell on that
 and just proceed with a little winters tale.

The other day about a week before all the christmas celebrations
I went to visit sister 1 in Amsterdam on the train from Brussels.
As I was contemplating the misty morning view from the train
i got a little suspicion that maybe I resemble Coco the clown.

Due to my excitement on going on a little trip
I might have overdone it with my new 'liquid golden' eyeliner
and 'trust in red' lipstick
and 'smutty green' eye shadow
but decided to ignore these passing moments of panic
and just looked on at the landscape of fields and trees.

Just then the sun was appearing
it was actually liquid golden
with a big trust in red circle in the middle
and it was shining brightly through the mist
 and over the smutty green fields.

Then i remembered a story a friend from Prague
 had told me many years ago
and this is where our winter tale really begins :

It was a very cold Prague day , the one where the light is bright
yet the air is ice cold and freezes your fingers off to a fright
( I would like to continue this story in rhyming form
but that would be a bit out of my norm)

This friend of mine was visiting a relative in a little town outside of Prague
so she was waiting for the bus on this very icy day
In cold countries one becomes accustomed to owning a transparent lip balm
to ease the dry cold , for the lips at least.
Along came the little czech bus and my friend had the inspired idea,
whilst looking for her lip balm in her bag
to put some on other dry areas of her face.
So a little went in between her nose and upper lip,
a bit under her eyes ,
above her eyebrows
and on her cheeks
in long streaks
seeing as it was an especially cold day.
Now we all know that eskimo's cover themselves in seal fat
to keep away the bitter biting cold
so my friends alternative seems quite logical.

So she sat in the bus for the remaining hour ,
when she got off ,
her friend was waiting for her and yelled : " Jesus  Marie ! " in czech,
" What have you got on your face ?! "
My friend then realised she had mistaken her red lipstick
for her transparent lip balm.
This is a true story.
And a good lesson to all who own a lipstick.

Happy new 2014 !
Sister 3

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what a great surprise, a new post!
This was one of my favorite blogs, hope to hear much more from the 3 sisters in 2014. Any plans to be posting more regularly?

Thanks and all the best!