Thursday, August 2, 2012

Il neige a Liege

 Dear sisters ,

Am like a happy golden green orange beatle with a dash of pink , levitating all over the place.
From Prague to Brussels in a comfy car listening to Jaques Brel singing " IL neige a Liege"
just as we were passing Liege, amazing.
We also saw six parachutists in the sky , one of which was falling a bit faster and had an extra blue parachute extended, hope he/she is alright
Saw three wind proppellas lying down on carriages, they were as big as whales , white and smooth.
And this is my new favourite band called

 Little dragon

The video is quite funny , reminds me of being single , happy, free and hopeless (joke)  !

Ok that's all for now.
Take care ,

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