Friday, February 17, 2012

white friend

Dear Sisters,

I do hope, S3, that your new friend managed to hold his drink. Hot tea can be risky for some.
Here, in Antwerp, all snow has melted.
The veil of cold that dropped itself upon us has lifted, and we are back to more recognisably Belgian bleary days of rain and even some warm, wintery sun.

I enjoyed the cold and my new Irish mittens. I dropped one in the snow and even then you can see the quality of the warm wool.
The raspberry coloured folding bicycle that is my new companion, combined with the train, takes me almost everywhere (although I'd put a cycling limit of one hour in terms of comfort); it is a true revolution in speed; I'd recommend it for everyone.

The cat (not pictured here) that is one of my companions has had his evening runaround and is now staring at me intently. Now and then he bows his head slightly, and closes his eyes a little. He likes to listen to the sound of my fingers typing on the keys, or so it seems. Every now and then he lifts his head, looks around, a bit to the left, then to the right, changing position slightly, only to return to immobility again. I have always suspected cats of being part of the fluxus movement.

I send you my love!

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