Monday, October 31, 2011

new tracks and the cavewoman

Dear Sisters,

It has been a while. The crushed moth is now a distant memory...and the clocks changed, which means night comes in early now, like an inky sandman who does his work by making the air thinner, stroking your ankles with a cold breeze and filling your lungs with a sleepy sigh that longs for cosiness and sleep. The moon sits half-finished in the sky staring at you with a cheeky vanilla smile. Turning yellow as it moves across the sky, ever so slightly.

Would a cheap telescope on offer at the local cheap supermarket, I wonder, in terms of quality, would it be close to what the first makers of telescopes would see, or would it be Even Better? I do not know. If I were to look through it, would the planets and the stars be like my marbles collection let loose in an art class?
I do not know.
I said to them: imagine a vacuum cleaner is sucking the planets to one place, would it look like this?

Here is a poem on this subject. I think it is so beautiful.
My trainpass is getting full of scribbled destinations. I love travelling by train. I see lots of different things. Church spires and rippling water, falling leaves, and a railtrack that takes me to a village where only one train an hour passes in either direction, taking turns, on a single track. Geese fly overhead, I work in the train, the journeys give me peace.

In time for november I got the flu' out of my system and today I secretly opened your cards, S3, which arrived two days early. I opened them today in an effort to stretch out my birthday. I so love the glitter, royally applied, and what was the snailwoman about? It was very kind of you to miscalculate my age.

Love from S2

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