Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday afternoon and looking for nature

Dear sisters,

I am recuperating. It is Thursday, the day after Wednesday.

As we are back in Holland, the kids only have a half day at school on Wednesday. A whole afternoon of fun potential yawning in front of us, each week.

It took a little adjustment. At first, it was still very cold outside, I tried to get them to entertain themselves inside, but it is too long from midday to bed and the walls cultivate tension. They have to be let out.

So I find myself cycling around town looking for bits of nature to let the children touch the earth and gulp in some fresh(ish) air.

It is a question of resignation; the price of city living. I just wish they could go on their own sometimes.

I cycled and found some nature here.

Here was a bit.


This was good spotting.


And here.

Alright, once out there, everyone feels better.


Eagerly awaiting a house with a playground at walking distance.


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Anonymous said...

It is incredible how fast those children are growing!
Yes I know the feeling, being desperate for nature; there are also poor pickings in Antwerp, but I know a few, some of which I will take you all to when you come for a visit: the Nachtegalenpark, actually inhabited by deer, and the Middelheim nearby, which sports a lake and a nice castle, and is full of sculptures. They and we will love it. x S2