Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little secret

When I want to feel a little bit of nostalgic pride for a country i haven't really ever lived in , that is England, I watch Torvill and Dean become the world champions of iceskating in 1984. It is a truely beautiful performance. If you have five minutes to spare then i reccomend you watch the performance and get tears in your eyes of happiness at the end!
Oh dear, have i confessed too much ? Yes , I get tears in my eyes when i watch this, and it isn't because of the terrible 198O's iceskating costumes that dont seem to ever change style.
Click on this sentence to watch the amazing Bolero and turn the volume up !
Let me know what you think.
I will write soon again to let you know what is happening here in Prague.
Other than me watching iceskating now and again all is well here in the forest land, the sun is shining !
Love Sister 3

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