Friday, June 11, 2010

Hong Kong themes

Dear sisters,

This should be my 'month four and my month 5 in paradise' post, but where did those months go? Filled with guests of the one and other.

S2 came and was taken up by the Ubud energy, she floated in orange and blue pools of light and sang along to Tibetan chiming bells, while I stood waiting outside. She even met someone who saw an alien. So, S2 has been to Ubud.

I will talk about Hong Kong now. We returned and as I have admitted earlier, I took 1000 pictures.

"Of what??!" seasoned travelers to Hong Kong ask me, with that look in their eye.

"She's one of those." Yes.

So for the benefit of you all, I will summarize and categorize that, which I captured.
I generally have a few themes running at one time; some ongoing, some spontaneously occurring during the trip. You can never tell beforehand, which is what is so exciting about it all.

So here are a few of this trip:

1. Of course, we cannot come back without the classic "feet in a hotel room" shot.

2. I expanded on my running 'horizontal bar in the middle" theme, which must not be confused with our fathers "vertical pole in the middle" theme.

3. Scaffolding seemed to be a theme this trip:

4. I took many photos of nearly nothing in the Hong Kong Fog:

5. Somehow attendants with glasses caught my eye.

6. What about photos of photos of my toilet attendants?

7. Or pictures of pictures of food?

8. Signs on the street?

9. Instructions?

10. Pictures of Hong Kong media:

11. Urban princesses:

12. Oranges

13. One of my favorite, pictures of people posing to have their picture taken. They like doing that in Asia. No inhibitions.

Maybe this sign should apply to the above person:

14. And finally, we always end with a picture of the taxi on the way to the airport.

The list above does not include the 100 or so shots, I took of my children smiling in front of landmarks, thereby fulfilling my parental obligation of documenting their childhood. You can look forward to seeing those in an i-photo slideshow the next time we meet.

Do I have to change the name of this blog to scattered sister?

With love,



Catharina said...

Just brilliant clarence, love ur style!, xxx

Anonymous said...

ja ik leuk dit!