Sunday, April 11, 2010


Greetings dear sisters.
The floating silver angels finally draw back the red velvet curtains to reveal what has been happening here these last few months.
It was a long winter and my keyboard was frozen. But the Bali vibes have melted the frost and spring is here , and so am I with a lot of catching up to do . To tell you the truth i was so amazed with the indonesian colours that i secretly thought that it would be hard to compete , hence the quietness.
But i realise in my wise youth that it is not a competition , it is a feast so i share with you in joy the latest news.

Here you see the latest winter spring fashion 2010 continental style , warm jumpers and patterns are all the rage.
Especially if you are an art student and you don't have that casual teddy bear look , then you can wipe that grin off your face.

Here is another art student who obviously doesn't have the teddy bear jumper ( hence the serious look ) but instead stylishly carries the beaded clock look .This is where i recently ate delicious pancakes where a classmate works.

Enough fashion for now , here is a beautiful fountain that i captured one beautiful sunny sunday when it was still cold , i think it was in march.

And here is a photo of all the footprints in the snow, and someone loves Irene. The last time there was so much snow in Prague was twenty years ago.

This is my very good tree blossom friend i met under a cherry tree in Japan , she is a primary school teacher in Hokkaido but was working for a year in Switzerland milking cows. She says that cows are very good listeners. She came to Prague for a week and we laughed so much we had muscle ache in our jaws and tummies. She says that in India exists a tribe that meet once a month and do nothing but laugh together. I like this religion, sounds healthy. This is a photo of my friends in our first 3D experience, we went to see the new Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and after that we had an Alice in Wonderland week in Prague.

And this is another good friend, my accordeon player for the puppet shows, this was his own concert and it was very nice indeed!

And this was my first solo exhibition in Prague ! I was a little nervous but lots of friends came and it was a really gezellige evening. I said to everyone that i wouldn't do a speech unless there was a microphone , thinking that there would never in the world be a microphone and ofcourse there was one ! Luckily I had cunningly planned a little speech before , imagining i would thank madonna and michael as my main sources of inspiration and that i would like to sing a song for everyone , total eclipse of the heart as a finale of the amazing speech.
It turned out though that i was speaking in czech and after i had said" Good evening" very slowly all my class mates cheered me on , clapping and yelping with joy. I said the name of the exhibtion was " Bubbles " because i believe everyone lives in their own bubble. Again everyone applauded and cheered. Just as i was getting into it and relaxed ( i think i started raising my voice a bit in the excitement and with the red wine ) , the organiser came along and casually whipped the microphone out of my hands ( thank goodness) So my speech was short but sweet, to the point i would say.

This is the banjo player that played experimental underground banjo songs at the vernisage. It was more for listening but in my excitement i did a little dance ( silly me ). I think im going a little bit folksy with all these banjo's and accordeon's . Dear family , will you ever forgive me ?

Here are some strange creatures from the prague jungle, they can fly and swim and like to eat bread.

And this is a detail of a wonderful czech artist that lived in a forest and made thousands of coloured woodprints, i went to see his exhibiton and it was amazing, very juicy colours , still fresh from 80 years ago ! His name is Vachal .

And here is my favourite song of the moment as an ode to the spring , hurray !

Lots of Love
Sister numero 3


Anonymous said...


I especially like the wild animals you managed to capture. They look fierce.


Anonymous said...

O goodie, what a great post. Looking forward, tchao!