Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The first thing on the list of "thing to try while we are here" was a good detox. "And when you do it, you should do it thoroughly", was my idea when I signed my husband and I up for the "tissue cleansing special", which included supplements for six days of fasting, a massage, and six colonics!

Yes, that is correct, we voluntarily signed up to have six colonic hydrotherapy sessions, which, without beating around the bush, basically means you get a garden hose up your bottom, which then flushes water at body temperature in, in order to flush the toxins out, bits that may have been sitting there for years, in my case nothing other than flowers and butterflies.

The favorite story was the one of the man who had been a vegetarian for six years and still had undigested red meat removed.

This treatment promises many things - of course non of it scientifically proven - but a good colonic could, according to the pamphlet, help rid you of symptoms such as exhaustion, bad skin, obesity, bad breath, loss of sexdrive etc etc. The list was long. We heard stories of of people who knew people who knew people who claimed it was almost a religious experience. Lady Di was a big fan of colonics.

We were starting to look forward to this.

In the treatment room these masks hung on the wall, to motivate us:

This is how it works:

To cut a long story short, during the first session we felt nauseous, sweaty and dizzy, and very few flowers and butterflies came out, nothing to justify a letter home. We came out angry and confused. Our high hopes dashed. One day of fasting and even Paradise lost its luster. Allard had his conspiracy theory at the ready. We quickly changed to the less demanding three session package.

Of course after three days we hopped on to that table like old pro's, and I suppose we are glad what came out is out, but not as glad as we are to be back on our usual diet of nasi campur and banana lassies. Not sure if this is going to be my favorite.

Love S1


Anonymous said...

Is this what they do in paradise ?
I think i will stick to my sinley, earthly personal detox diet of czech pilsen, dumplings and sinful steaks. Well, sometimes i do drink nothing but salty mineral water and i am cutting the meat out as much as possible, but never will i stick a garden hose up me bum ! i prefer just the massages and smiles so please dont get me a birthday pack special!
Just letting you know , and by the way , i love your previous paradise post very much, i keep rereading it and daydreaming looking at that swimmingpool view! is it real ? Or is it painted wallpaper background from photoshop ?
I am glad you are feeling clean but i hope your gardening experience is now over. i would stick to yoga and massages. all my love and peace ,
Sistar 3
p.s. i will post soon !

Lotte said...

Hilarious.....!!! I love reading your posts! I can really picture you guys overthere, sounds like a great adventure. Especially because it's so different again after SF! We would love to stop by at the end of the year for a sort of second honeymoon..would be great to see you again and hang out all together.

Enjoy your adventure and love for Allard, Rosie and Jip!