Thursday, January 7, 2010


Dear sisters,

Before you compliment me on our recent dematerialization drive, I must confess we did not do so well with our luggage. We left yesterday for Bali, with eight suitcases each weighing the absolute maximum of what is allowed, a surfboard, and a piece of carry on luggage each. What is in those bags? , people asked, and I really could not tell them. How much do you need on an island where the temperature is a steady 30 degrees Celsius all year round?
I must admit I felt a little foolish when we needed a convoy to get to the airport, but I blame it on the process. By the time we got really good at getting rid of things we had already packed half of the suitcases and could not bring ourselves to start all over again. We have not given the term traveling light new meaning.

Now awaiting transfer at Taipei airport, where it is cold and grey outside and the ground stewardesses all wear mouth caps inside. I am glad the Taiwanese have bilingual signage. We start boarding in half an hour for the final stretch of five hours. The first thirteen and a half hour flight went relatively smoothly, with sleep and Dora the explorer. I can't wait for a shower and a bit of warmth on my skin.

Last night we had a fantastic send off with most of our favorite people. Teary eyed we set off on our new adventure. Had I mentioned we like SF and its people?

Oops, we just found out our hotel was booked for December instead of January. Don't miss the next installment.


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