Saturday, November 28, 2009

mermaids reading in the underground.

Ahoj fellow sailor sisters ,

gravity is loose knitting thick blankets of leaves , the wind gales are picking up in dance trot gust, and im in a poetic mood.
I send you two pictures and a song to celebrate the seasons.
The unicorns are us ofcourse.
Notice the green sparkly mermaid nails.

My new favourite singer is called Andrew Bird and i like him a lot , here is a nice video to sway to his song, it's called IMITOSIS

Keep warm and happy
Lots of love
Sister Three


ttttttttttttt said...

miss s3, hello! (hello to you as well, nice sisters!) this is tomey rindboots and i gotta remind you that you still haven't sent me the video that you promised! (life is still good without it tho, but could be better with it!) cheers and tell mum hi!

Anonymous said...

My dear Tomey magic moon Rindboots, good to ear from you ! Actually , i was getting round to sending you that video, but all you have to do is scroll a centimeter down on this page and there it is : total eclipse of the heart ! hahaha! i will send you something new soon as well though. How is your rollerblading going on the beach ? Miss you !
take care and see you soon ! s3

Anonymous said...

very poetic S3.